Reviewer Guidelines

  • Each manuscript submitted to the IJLS is reviewed by two experts (Internal and External).
  • Both Reviewers are asked to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and to provide suitable recommendations to the author/s on whether a manuscript should be accepted, requires revisions, or should be rejected.
  • We ask invited reviewers to request a deadline extension as soon as possible in case more time is required to provide a comprehensive report.
  • IJLS operates a double-blind peer review process with a stringent declaration of confidentiality. In this regard, the papers sent to the internal peer reviewers are coded with IN(No.), and the external reviewers are coded with EX(No.). This enhances the quality of the research and thus maintains confidentiality.
  • The Reviewers should keep in mind that the comments that they highlight in the reviewer form should be easily understandable by the author/s so that they can make the required changes.
  • The Reviewers should comply with the basic etiquette i.e., avoiding derogatory remarks.